New Webinar by ORI Research Director

“A Short Introduction to the Future Post-COVID-19 with Dr Jennifer M Gidley”

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 EEI International Programs Webinar

Hosted by Dr Lawrence E Jones, EEI Vice-President. 

Click for The Book: The Future: A Very Short Introduction

HE Peter Thomson, UN S-G’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, speaks to ORI official launch

ORI CEO Earle de Blonville speaks about Leadership for Climate Crisis

ORI represents Northern Rivers at the UN Decade for Ocean Science Pacific Workshop in Nouméa

ORI CEO Earle de Blonville in Australian Geographic

Our Mission

What do we want to achieve

ORI’s mission is to explore the Ocean to reveal its secrets for the benefit of humankind, and to inspire a new generation of explorers. We join other Ocean science pioneers to understand the Ocean, and help open a new era of commitment to preserving Earth’s integrated systems. And we actively promote the direct engagement of tomorrow’s future scientists with ORI’s programs.

our difference

Our flagship

We are clean. Our vessels use 100% renewable energy with zero carbon and acoustic  emissions. We are sustainable. Our wooden Flagship, La Bohème’is fully renewable with a 200-year lifespan, up to ten times longer than steel research vessels. We are limitless. We can cross any ocean on sunlight or sail to anywhere on earth, with no fuel stops. When the wind drops or a tight harbour appears, our powerful motors are fuelled by solar, wind and hydro. Read more.


– ORI’s operational model is geared for exploring the unknown