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ORI’s Three Pillars

Our model is built on three pillars:



Australia is uniquely surrounded by four Ocean basins, each impacted by a major fluctuating climate oscillation, which together control all life on our island. Through our planned Ocean Literacy program, we hope that Australia’s millions of students will better understand the crucial role of a healthy Ocean in protecting their futures.


Jacques Cousteau was the first to introduce the Ocean worldwide in a long running TV underwater series, ending in 1977 with no replacement. Our proposed multi-media series filmed aboard Oceanic research vessels will capture the excitement. We plan to publish books and resource materials to help everyone better understand the Ocean.


Oceanic Discovery Science with zero emission operations are planned to use fully sustainable wooden sailing vessels fitted with the latest scientific equipment. Partnering with the UN Decade of Ocean Science, our scientists have drafted more than a decade’s worth of research projects that we hope can begin once the Covid pandemic finally ends.

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Our Structure

Established in 2016, ORI is an Approved Research Institute under Section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act. A Registered Australian Charity with ATO-endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, we operate as a transparent, ethical organisation, governed by strong principles and values, to serve Ocean, Climate, Mankind. A Board of Directors and executive leadership team of experts, oversees ORI.  Distinguished International Advisory and Technical Panels also guide our work.

Earth’s Mysteries

From space, Earth is a ball of blue Ocean, the only one ever discovered in the universe. We know that 97% of Earth’s water is Ocean, and yet only 5% of our Ocean is known to science. So we can forget space missions to dead planets, as we already have the greatest mysteries to explore right here on Earth.

“I find the lure of the unknown irresistible.”
– Dr. Sylvia Earle, American Oceanographer

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Did you know?


of global oceans are 3,650m deep


of the earth is covered by ocean


of our oxygen comes from the ocean


of global warming is heating the ocean


of life on earth lives in the ocean


of the ocean is unknown to science