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What do we do

We run boats that enable scientists to research the unknown Ocean and discover knowledge that will help save the planet. Our time-proven and sustainable exploring infrastructure can provide cost-effective access to almost everywhere.

Our Aims

We have three aims: to discover the unknown scientific riches of the Ocean; to inform political and economic decisions that will guarantee our human future on Earth; and to create a new generation of Ocean caretakers to continue our valuable and innovative work indefinitely.


Our Value

As an independent organisation, we strive for cost-efficient field research. Every dollar donated to our Research Fund supports field research operations. We link funding directly with research programs that have measurable outcomes. Our aim is to ensure high impact value and strong return on investment for our sponsors and philanthropists.

Meet ORI

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Our Structure

Established in 2016, ORI is Australia’s only independent, Approved Research Institute for oceanic research. A Registered Australian Charity with ATO-endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, we operate as a transparent, ethical organisation, governed by strong principles and values, to serve Ocean, Climate, Mankind. A Board of Directors and executive leadership team of experts, oversees ORI.  Distinguished International Advisory and Technical Panels also guide us.

Earth’s Mysteries

From space, Earth is a ball of blue Ocean, the only one ever discovered in the universe. We know that 97% of Earth’s water is Ocean, and yet only 5% of our Ocean is known to science. So we can forget space missions to dead planets, as we already have the greatest mysteries to explore right here on Earth.

“I find the lure of the unknown irresistible.”
– Dr. Sylvia Earle, American Oceanographer

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Did you know?


of global oceans are 3,650m deep


of the earth is covered by ocean


of our oxygen comes from the ocean


of global warming is heating the ocean


of life on earth lives in the ocean


of the ocean is unknown to science