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Earle de Blonville, FRGS

Earle de Blonville, FRGS

ORI Director & Chief Executive Officer

Praise for ‘Savage Coast’

‘A fascinating exploration of an explorer’ – Phillip Adams AO. 
Broadcaster, film producer and author

“In a word, this book is literally ‘unputdownable’! – Sir Gustav Nossal AO FRS. Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne.

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Earle Kayaking Greenland 1985

Earle Kayaking Greenland 1985

About ‘Savage Coast’

The Leader’s story of Australia’s first Arctic Expedition: 1986. This gripping true story is an absolute must-read for all leaders who will face profound challenges as the impacts of climate crisis increase. 

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James Alix Michel

James Alix Michel

ORI International Advisory Panel

Former President of the Republic of Seychelles

For solutions to some of the earth’s most pressing problems, the oceans may be our salvation, the source of untapped economic wealth. Within these waters can be found the elements of what is now widely known as the Blue Economy, the new frontier for human development. It is a twenty-first century concept to meet a twenty-first century challenge. This book explores all aspects of the Blue Economy.


James Alix Michel Foundation

James Alix Michel Foundation

The James Michel Foundation is guided by a commitment to promote the Blue Economy concept, both in its national and international aspects, to sensitise people about climate change and its impacts on Seychelles and the world, to promote environmental protection and sustainable development and defend and promote the cause of small island developing states.

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Jennifer M Gidley PhD

Jennifer M Gidley PhD

ORI Director & Director of Research

Jennifer has published several books and dozens of academic articles and book chapters. 

Her recent books include:

‘The Future: A Very Short Introduction’ and ‘Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures’.

To read more about Jennifer’s scholarly work please visit her website. 

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Professor Robert G Bednarik

Professor Robert G Bednarik

ORI International Advisory Panel

Robert is an Australian prehistorian and cognitive archaeologist. He has published numerous books and thousands of scientific articles. Robert discovered the oldest known rock art in the world and the first Paleolithic art in China. He took voyages in primitive rafts to research Pleistocene sailors. He has published books about this voyage, his rock art discoveries, and many more.

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The impossible missions  are the only ones that succeed.”

– Capt. Jacques Yves Cousteau

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