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Exploration is our DNA

Ocean exploration lies at the heart of human progress. The greatest single achievement in human history was when early humans harnessed nature by evolving technologies to make planned sea voyages. Stone tools found on islands never connected to any mainland prove we have been voyaging for at least 850,000 years,  possibly one million. Exploration sailing is part of human DNA.

Image credit. Robert G. Bednarik: The First Mariners.

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.”

John D Rockefeller Jr.

How to get involved?

The Oceanic Research Institute (ORI) is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. ORI is Australia’s only independent, government Approved Research Institute for ocean science.

We are a Registered Australian Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office.

This means that any donations to ORI over $2 are tax deductible.

Oceanic Research Institute Limited. ABN: 36 613 988 060

Corporate social responsibility

An investment in Oceanic Research Institute is an investment in better futures for all.

ETHICAL products

Increasingly, major suppliers of our expedition clothing and equipment are working towards a more ethical and sustainable way of operating.

carbon neutral

We will appoint an accredited consultancy to guide our purchases and work practices, and audit our operations to certify we are a Carbon Neutral operation.

Ethical investment

The message we intend to send to our worldwide audience of young future leaders is that a better world is an ethical world.


A sustainable approach will run through all our operations, to ensure we leave no damaging footprint, such as rubbish, pollutants, or fumes, to harm the physical environment or wildlife.

“Without adventure, civilization is in full decay”
– Prof Alfred North Whitehead, mathematician & philosopher

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