Bequest to the Ocean

At Oceanic Research Institute, we seek out the impacts of climate change, for the benefit of clean energy, healthy oceans, and sustainable research.

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Leaving an Ocean Legacy for Future Generations

How to make a bequest to the Oceanic Research Institute in your Will

Your will is an important legal document. To ensure your intentions are clear and legally binding we recommend you seek professional advice from a solicitor. A solicitor will be able to provide you with tailored advice in order to achieve your wishes and correctly word your gift. An example of wording for the inclusion of a gift to the Oceanic Research Institute is as follows:
Example: I GIVE $[INSERT] to Oceanic Research Institute Limited (ABN: 36 613 988 060) for the general purposes of the charity AND I DIRECT that the receipt of the Secretary or other duly authorised officer for the time being of that charity shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustee.  If at my death Oceanic Research Institute has ceased to exist or has amalgamated with another charity or has changed its name this legacy shall not fail but my Trustee shall pay it to the charitable organisation which he or she considers most nearly fulfils the objects that I intend to benefit.

Types of gifts you may make in your Will


There are a number of types of gifts that you can make in your will. The type which you choose will ultimately depend on your individual circumstances. Again, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a solicitor in determining the type of gift to make in your will. Please see below a brief summary of the most common types of gifts. 


You can make an arrangement for a percentage of your entire estate, after all debts and expenses have been paid, to go to Oceanic Research Institute.

Set amount

For a specific amount of money (a pecuniary bequest) it is possible to ask for advice from us or choose an amount.

Specific Assets

In your will you can specify assets of value such as real estate, shares and life insurance funds to be bequeathed to Oceanic Research Institute.

Whole estate

You can leave your entire estate to Oceanic Research Institute.

Choose a Focus area for your Bequest


Australia is uniquely surrounded by four Ocean basins, each impacted by a major fluctuating climate oscillation, which together control all life on our island. Through our planned Ocean Literacy program, we hope that Australia’s millions of students will better understand the crucial role of a healthy Ocean in protecting their futures.


Jacques Cousteau was the first to introduce the Ocean worldwide in a long running TV underwater series, ending in 1977 with no replacement. Our proposed multi-media series filmed aboard Oceanic research vessels will capture the excitement. We plan to publish books and resource materials to help everyone better understand the Ocean.


Oceanic Discovery Science with zero emission operations are planned to use fully sustainable wooden sailing vessels fitted with the latest scientific equipment. Partnering with the UN Decade of Ocean Science, our scientists have drafted more than a decade’s worth of research projects that we hope can begin once the Covid pandemic finally ends.

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