Seeking Interns: Creating Future Research Capacity

We are seeking Interns from among Marine Science undergraduates and postgraduates. Our Interns will begin work in our Global HQ in Ballina, and will be in line for selection as on board research assistants when we set sail on our Research Expeditions.

There are very few opportunities for Australian marine science students to gain research experience at sea. There are not enough research vessels or funding in Australia. Despite Australia having the third largest marine estate on earth, only 28% of which has been mapped, our marine research capability is internationally weak. On a per capita basis our research vessel capacity is equal to Argentina. ORI plans to change that. On our expeditions, we will partner each international scientist on board with an Australian Higher Degree Research (HDR) student or Postdoc researcher. 

By providing young scientists with the action experience and mentoring they desperately need to advance their careers, we will help increase Australia’s research capacity and international reputation. We aim to achieve this with private funding. With this valuable field experience, we believe that our young researchers will find equally valuable opportunities to develop their careers with exchange placements among our international partners. This will enhance the potential for future scientific collaboration which is an essential part of developing a universal response to climate change, itself a universal challenge.

A Team of Ten Thousand

As rapidly unfolding climate emergency brings increased complexity and uncertainty to our lives, it will also bring an increasing need for better community leadership. That challenge will fall to young Australians, now in their secondary school years, who will become tomorrow’s leaders. ORI has a role to play by helping young minds focus on the clear realities of climate change. Australia has 1.5 million secondary students.

ORI Youth Council: As Stage 1 of our proposed student engagement program, ORI will form a Youth Council tasked with enrolling 10,000 students as supporters of Oceanic Research Institute through social media, PR and key influencers. By their being excited by science and encouraged to choose STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Studies), Australia generally will gain better science literacy. We aim to ensure the future of Ocean care by inspiring young Australian and overseas secondary students through Accelerated Ocean Literacy. We want them to be involved in planning expedition research, communicating our results and educating others across the world. It is, after all, their world. 

Multilingual Cohort: Stage 2 would involve expanding this youth engagement across the globe, led by bi-lingual advocates working within the great language diasporas – Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Arabic and French. We want teenagers to be inspired and empowered to follow our field expeditions, communicate with our teams, and help identify exciting new research projects. We hope to include some standout students on field expeditions as a reward for their research excellence. Everyone has a role to play in helping create a better future, and oceanic and climate change science can make a great contribution to this.

“I am optimistic that the drive, entrepreneurial mindset and collaborative spirit of my generation will help restore the health of our deep blue sea.”

- Daniela V. Fernandez Founder (at age 19) of Sustainable Oceans Alliance

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